Since 2009, we as an authorized pharmaceutical and supplies distributing company have started by providing pharmaceutical needs of animal health professionals across the Razavi Khorasan province. Over the years, we expanded our product selection beyond pharmaceuticals to vaccines, nutraceuticals and pet products and widen our customer base to three provinces throughout the eastern part of the country. Also, through our agencies in 29 provinces and with the support of the technical and scientific team, we are covering the whole country in the capillary manner.


Business Partners


Kian Fara Pars

Kian Fara Pars Pharmaceutical Company was established in 2003 by a group of experts and practitioners in the field of medicine and livestock and poultry supplements with the aim of providing part of the pharmaceutical and nutritional needs of the country's livestock and poultry units. In order to achieve the goal had chosen from the beginning, in the first phase in 2005, the company succeeded in exploiting the factory for the production of vitamin and mineral supplements and premixes, as well as concentrate for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Produces mineral supplements, vitamins and premixes from the standards accepted by the Veterinary Organization and other international organizations. The raw materials used in the products of this company are all from the best materials and the most reputable factories in the world, including Roche (Switzerland), BASF (Germany), Luhman (Germany). Meeting customer needs, providing products with superior quality and fair prices is one of the most important goals of this company and its employees.

Damyaran Arak

Based on the vital need for production and distribution of veterinary drugs, Damyaran Arak's joint-stock company was incorporated in 1990. This company established its plant in Saveh County, Markazi Province of Iran with the most advanced line of machinery and a successful record of maintaining highest GMP standards. Factory is composed of liquid and solid production units each capable of manufacturing various forms of oral solutions, Granules, Premixes, Boluses, Sachets and Antiseptics. Adding to the above list there are quality control laboratories equipped with high tech quality control systems, R&D section, technical and engineering units each operated and led by a well-trained team of managers, technicians and specialists. Also, for an enhancement in sales and marketing area the company established its own domestic distribution channel, supplying products to all territories of the nation far and close. Damyaran Arak veterinary pharmaceutical company has taken vital steps to compete with well-known international brands by manufacturing and supplying top-end products striving for a healthier society. Company's leadership believes that a better product will provide a healthier animal, a healthier animal stands for a better nutrition and a better nutrition will result in a more efficient and healthier society.

Yas Daroo Management Team


Dr. Ehsan Sanati

Sales Manager

Alireza Salehi

Technical Manager

Dr. Sara Deh-Yadegari

Frequently Asked Questions

1In what field do we operate?
Supply and distribution of drugs, disinfectants and oral supplements in the fields of veterinary medicine and medicine
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