about us


This complex began its activity from 2002 in the field of distributing veterinary drugs, medicine, vaccines, pet products and all biological products in state of Khorasan e Razavi in east of Iran by the name of Razianeh Sabz Pars. It is running and being under ownership of Dr. Ehsan Sanati, as the acting C.E.O. Who he opened his second company in 2013 Yas Daroo Pakhsh Rastin also in the field of distributing but in a vast jurisdiction that contains all of Iran.

These companies have discrete garners and stockrooms, refrigerators, administrative offices, vehicles and transportation. Also it is established with more than 120 specialized staff in administrative marketing financial garner basis from active branches all over country and all the records and history in drug distributing through veterinary pharmacies vaccinating centers and clinics obviously shows its experimentation and ability of the complex with this records we establish 3 branches in eastern of Iran in Khorasan e Razavi, Khorasan e Shomali and Sistan and Baluchistan.

It should be noticed that with the credit rating and analysis at flourish pet industry, we establish the first and premier vet hospital in eastern part of Iran by the name of Arya, located in Sajjad blv in Mashhad. It is 247 and it has more than 30 acting personnel.

Also this complex continues its effort by opening Maham Rastin Pharmed again under ownership of Dr. Sanati in the field of importing and exporting veterinary products.

Our future and perspective would be in the field of importing drug, vaccine and other pet and veterinary items relates distribute in capillary way all over the country .